Tutustu tapahtumassa oleviin värkkääjiin ja yhteisöihin!

Huom! Kaikki eivät ole mukana molempina päivinä, vaan vain joko perjantaina tai lauantaina.

Please, note that everyone is not present the both days but either on Friday or Saturday.



3D-mallintaminen ja -tulostaminen

Teknisten aineiden opettajat – TAO r.y:n värkkäyspisteellä vierailijat saavat kokeilla 3D-mallintamista ja -tulostamista. Valmiin tulosteen saa mukaan!

On maker stand of Association of Technology Teachers, visitors have a change to sketch 3D models and print them. Take away your printed model!

Arduino robotiikkaa

Esittelen Arduino mikrotietokoneilla ja Lego mindstorms ev3 tekemiäni projekteja Esim. 3d tulostettu robotti käsivarsi , Lego tasapaino robotti ja muita Arduino projekteja tuon mukaan myös Wanhao duplicator i3 plus 3D tulostimen.

I am gonna present my Arduino and Lego mindstorms projects for example 3d printed robotic arm and Lego balancing robot and other projects. Im gonna also bring my Wanhao duplicator i3 plus 3d printer.


BuskingBot is a robot which can play bucket drum. BuskingBot plays with Youtube video. Buskingbot consists with 4 servo motors and main controller is Arduino. The android smartphone communicates with the robots by using bluetooth. Those robots are real player!

The maker of Busking bot is Happy Things Maker who like to make for human hapiness. He was an engineer in South Korea and he decided to change his career for human happiness technology developer. One of his dream is playing performance with his robots. He wants to share how to make people happy by using technology.

Elektronista musiikkia itse tehdyllä syntetisaattorilla

Soitan kokeellista elektronista musiikkia itse tehdyillä soittimilla sekä esittelen niitä. Vola Noisy Stuff

Electronic music with diy instruments.

Fungarium – A mushroom aquarium

Helsieni is an urban mushroom farm that grows oyster mushrooms on the waste of the city: coffee grounds. We also provide Grow-It-Yourself kits with which you can grow mushrooms on your own coffee. At this event we will be showcasing a Fungarium: An aquarium that has been hacked so that it provides the perfect environment for fruiting mushrooms. We will explain about how mushrooms grow and how you can start to cultivate them yourself!

Heurekan Ideaverstas

Heurekan Ideaverstaassa rakennetaan sähkömekaanisia automatoja. Automata on laite, jota tyypillisesti käytetään kammesta. Kammen liike välitetään edelleen muille toiminnallisille osille, ja lopputulos on kone, joka tekee jotain hauskaa. Automatan rakenteen ja mekanismit jokainen voi suunnitella itse, mutta Heurekan innoittajat auttavat tarvittaessa toteutuksessa.

Improvisational electronic music sequencer

This project is about a musical instrument that allows musicians to improvise electronic music in the real time, bringing possibilities that current methods for live composition can’t achieve. I am working in a tool that allows improvisation of pattern-based electronic music. Currently, it is the more experimental, modular-based, the one that is improvised on stage, but the more popular music, the one that is based in drum and harmonic patterns, is in almost all cases, based purely on prerecorded sequences. I am building the tool that allows the improvisation of musical patterns in stage, by harnessing the power of modularity, applied to the digital realm of sequencers, in a more conventional notion of musical composition.

Indoor gardening with Arduino

Arduinon kanssa toteutettuja sisäviljely projekteja. Automaattinen valo heijastava kääntöpeili ja kastelujärjestelmä.

Indoor gardening projects made with Arduino. Light reflecting turning mirror and automatic watering system.

IoT-Paja Tapiolan kirjasto

Käytämme Raspberry PI-, Arduino ja Lilypad (E-Ompelu) alustoja IoT Ratkaisuihin. Muodostamme pieniä esityksiä mitä IoT:llä voi tehdä ja kuinka tietoa voi siirtää nettiin ja mitä muuta huomioida kun aloittaa IoT harrastuksen.

Small presentations how IoT works, how life easing electronics can be utilized on different cases and how data is uploaded to internet for later research. These are things that new IoT hobbyists need to know. Platforms used are Raspberry PI, Arduino and Lilypad (E-sawing)

LEGO Lab In The Science Basement

Welcome to The Science Basement! We are a group of scientists in training and we love to share our science in a simple and understandable way. For the Maker Faire workshop we will build a Physics lab out of LEGO! Do you want to learn some cool science, program a robot and become a LEGO lab scientist for one day? Drop by our booth and welcome to our workshops!

Mehackit Music Machine

Mehackit Music Machine on työpaja, jossa rakennellaan yhteisvoimin arkiesineistä ja kierrätysmateriaaleista romurumpukone. Koko systeemiä pyörittävät minitietokoneet nimeltä Arduino ja Raspberry Pi, joiden rytmejä voidaan säädellä mieleisen äänitaideteoksen toteuttamiseksi. Koululuokille.

In the Mehackit Music Machine workshop we’ll make a drum machine installation with everyday objects and recycled materials. The rhythms of the collective audio piece are controlled with programmable electronics. For school classes.


Savolin is a one-man-company with a online store that makes handmade and ethical decorative pillow covers. The aim in this fair is to introduce products to people more closely, as the are beautifully made with selected luxury fabrics.

Savolin tries to be the opposite of mass production. Everything is made in extremely limited edition and no fabric print will be repeated. All the sewing, fabric choices, product tags and stickers are designed here in Finland. Savolin hopes to inspire people to make handmade products, support ethical brands and live more unique life.


This project is to show an experiment to combine elements of craft and technology. It was first started when I had an interview with one of girls in a primary school in Oulu. She said that she does not like programming because it only uses boys stuffs such as blocks and robots which are not her interests at all. Most girls who were asked to answer for the same question told that they more like arts and craft activities than just learning programming. Thinking back, I was a girl not that different from them. Science, math and computer were not my favorite. Even more, I hated those subjects.

This is the reason that I began to work for the project. Through the project, I want to inspire girls that technology, engineering and programming are fun. I hope girls open their eyes to these areas and see more possibilities which are available to them.

Unleash the Power of 3D Learning

Participants will have a chance to try out 3DBear‘s latest AR app, to assemble a drone from scratch if they would like to. They will also learn about basics of 3D printing as well as modeling.


Tervetuloa Käsityökoulu Robotin työpajaan rakentamaan oma valo-ohjattava robotti, joka menee päälle kun siihen osoittaa taskulampulla! Käsityökoulu Robotin valobotti -paja esittelee taidekasvatuslähtöisen näkökulman teknologiaan. Työpajassa tutustutaan yksinkertaisen rakentamisen kautta virtapiiriin ja elektroniikkaan eikä aiempaa kokemusta tarvita. Paja on suunnattu 5-9l -luokkalaisille. Tarkka rakenteluprojekti sujuu parhaiten parityönä! Robotin saa itselleen. Käytämme pajassa mahdollisimman paljon aikaa varsinaiseen tekemiseen ja avaamme teknologian toimintamalleja projektin edetessä. Työpajan osallistujat saavat vinkkejä jatkotyöskentelyyn mm. botin ohjelmointiin. Koululuokille.

Album Cover Inspired Fashion

Several pieces of clothing created to resemble specific album covers. I have used a laser cutter many times while creating these garments, for making both finished pieces and stencils. The garments have all been created in anticipation of the tours for the albums they represent.

Catalyst Controller

Catalyst Controller is the latest version of a hobby project I started about 3,5 years ago. It essentially is an add-on for DJ mixers that allows creative DJs to use their control vinyls and their mixer to create sounds on the fly by utilizing VST instruments, or actual hardware synthesizers.

It is made by hand for the most part and it involves the following ‘maker’ topics:
– Laser cutting (for the top and bottom plate and description of controls by engraving)
– 3d printing (for certain custom parts)
– Arduino coding with several libraries
– OLED screen adaptation to the device
– Hardware modeling (i.e. cutting aluminum, steel, drilling etc.)

FPV lentämistä sekä kisaamista

FPV (First Person View) lentämistä sekä kisaamista. Mitä se on ja miten alkuun? Demo lentoja sekä simullaattoria. Yleisö näkee lentämistä, pääsee “kyytiin” lasien sekä monitorin kuvan välistyksellä. Pisteellä myös lentosimulaattori, jossa voi kokeilla lentämistä oikealla radio-ohjaimella. http://fpvfinland.fi/

FPV (First Person View) flying and mini drone racing. How to begin and start? Demo flight’s and flight simulator.

Hacked Himmeli – workshop

Himmeli is the traditional Finnish Christmas decoration made with straws and thread. In this workshop, we are going to redesign this traditional culture of himmeli by adding the elements of digital technologies and foreign culture. We are going to add Arduino to control servo which makes himmeli move. Also we are decorate himmeli with origami and traditional tassels from Japan and Korea. We hope through this workshop, participants can rediscover beauty of Finnish tradition and how to make it better by combining new technologies. This workshop is open for everyone from kids to adults.


Hacklabit (tai hackerspacet, Suomessa nämä sanat ovat synonyymejä) ovat harrastajien ylläpitämiä työtiloja, joissa labien jäsenet voivat toteuttaa omia projektejaan. Työpisteelle kerätään työkaluja, sekä jäsenten omia projekteja.

Hacklabs (or hackerspaces, in Finland these two words are synonyms) are communal workspaces maintained by hobbyists where members can work on their projects. The workspace will contain tools and member projects.

Indonesian Theme Painting and Craft

I am a proud Indonesian who love to share rich culture that we have through Art and Craft. Beside paintings I am also doing craft, graphic design and photography. I often use vibrant colors and incorporating patterns and details in my paintings. I also would like to introduce to the world the rich culture I have been growing up with. Indonesia is such a beautiful country with diverse culture which has abundant beauty in their people, culture, flora and fauna. All of those things are truly inspirational for me. So I will be very happy to make a workshop about Batik Method (A method for fabric design using wax and coloring). I will also showcase my work and craft and share about Indonesia to the audience. Type of craft that I make such as; clay making, miniature, tote bag / pillow. But mostly painting and poster.


Innokas-verkosto ohjaa ja innostaa oppilaita, opettajia, koulun toimijoita ja yhteistyökumppaneita luovuuteen ja innovatiivisuuteen teknologiaa monipuolisesti hyödyntäen. Rohkaisemme lapsia ja aikuisia luomaan uusia yhdessä ideoituja tapoja hyödyntää teknologiaa koulun arjessa. Esittelemme toiminnan lisäksi mukana olevia robotteja ja niihin liittyvää välineistöä.

The Innokas Network guides and encourages students, teachers, school administrators and other stakeholders to be creative and innovative using available technology. We encourage kids and adults to come up together with new ways to make use of technology in everyday school life. We present the network activities, but bring along robos and some equipment related to robos.

JooSoap-EcoSoap making from used cooking oil

“Local produce, local use! Upcycle and clean your home”. JooSoap Studio aims to spread knowledge about making ecological cleaning soap from used (kitchen) cooking oil in the international scale. It involves workshops, local eco-soap products, toolkits and local-global networking collaborations. Through sharing this sustainable knowledge and movement, we focus on environmental issues of used cooking oil disposal and detergent use. By sharing and co-making together, we would like to have deeper connections with local restaurants, residents, and communities to improve sustainable life cycle.


Kädet saveen -työpaja

Kädet saveen -työpajassa muotoillaan omat ajatukset saveen. Se on kivaa! Muoto voi olla abstrakti tai esittävä, tärkeintä on siirtää mielessä pyöriviä ajatuksia fyysiseen muotoon. Kun työt ovat valmiit, ne dokumentoidaan kuvaamalla esim. kännyköillä ja tämän jälkeen lytätään ja palautetaan uuden työpajan materiaaliksi. Työpajassa korostuu kierrätys ja hetken tuntu. Kun muotoilee omat ajatukset saveen, ne usein selkenevät, tasoittuvat tai poistuvat kummittelemasta. Tervetuloa testaamaan miten sinulle käy! Käytössä suomalainen, pellosta kaivettu punasavi ja omat kätesi. Kädet saveen -työpajan ohella Katja Seppinen pitää nipistelytekniikka-työnäytöksiä.

In Hands at Clay -workshop you form your own thoughts into clay. It is fun! The shape can be abstract or depicting. Main idea is to transform the mind rotating thoughts into a physical form. Complete works are then documented via cameras on cellphones and squeezed to return raw material for the next workshoppers. This procedure highlights recycling and the current moment. Often as thoughts gets a form on clay, they get clearer, even out and even ceases from haunting. Welcome to test what happens! We use Finnish red clay and our own hands.

Repair-a-thon mending Workshop by Gingerheads

Bring life back to your wardrobe by having your clothes mended! In our Repair-a-thon mending workshop we will explore the techniques of darning and embroidery mending. Come by with clean clothing in need of small repairs, not more than 2-3 per person, as the embroidery mending techniques are time consuming. We will help you choose the design and technique of mending most appropriate for your garment and help you with the execution.

We will focus on the techniques of needle weaving which can be applied to both woven and knitted fabrics, mending embroidery and Sashiko; a Japanese creative embroidery technique applied mostly to stiff fabrics and denim. The workshop duration is 2h, as the embroidery techniques are time-consuming. People will be able to learn the techniques and finish their projects at home.

SJHY kivistä koruiksi

Hiomme kotimaisista luonnonkivistä korukiviä. SJHY on toiminut 40 vuoden ajan edelläkävijänä kiviharrastuksen parissa. Yhdistyksellä on hyvät harrastustilat Lääkärikadulla Helsingissä, mutta se palvelee kiviharrastajia ympäri Suomen. Jäseneksi voi liittyä www.sjhy.fi

SJHY is a society dedicated to create jewelry out of finnish natural stones. There will be gemstone grinding and polishing presented in the event. Our website is www.sjhy.fi

Tiedeluokka Linkki

Miten tietokone ajattelee? Mitä kone osaa tehdä, ja mitä ei? Tiedeluokka Linkissä pohditaan tällaisia. Samalla opitaan ohjelmoimaan pelejä, pistetään tietokone piirtämään sekä ammutaan tykillä. Helsingin yliopiston tietojenkäsittelytieteen laitoksen opiskelijat opastavat tarvittaessa alkuun, mutta kokeneillekin löytyy haastetta, joten piste sopii kaikenikäisillle värkkääjille.

How does a computer think? What can it do, and what does not compute? In Science Lab Linkki booth you’ll make the computer draw for you, learn how to program games, and of course shoot a cannon. Students from the CS department at the University of Helsinki will help you get started, and they’ve got some more challenging stuff up their sleeves for the more seasoned programmer. All ages are welcome!

Vauhdilla vesille!

TuKoKen pisteellä pääset itse rakentamaan ja kokeilemaan! Voit rakentaa oman moottoriveneen, jota pääset testaamaan jo pisteellä – kilpa-ajot jatkuvat kotona, sillä veneen saat ottaa mukaan.Puuhaseinällä on pallojen vilinää ja vilskettä. Radan pääset suunnittelemaan ja rakentamaan itse.

In TuKoKe’s workshop you can build your own motor boat which you can also take home! Balls are racing on the activity wall where you can build your own maze!

Äänisynteesin työpaja

Työpajassa opiskellaan soundien tekemistä syntetisaattorilla. Samalla tulevat tutuksi syntetisaattorin rakenne ja sen eri osat, kuten oskillaattorit, suotimet, vahvistimet, LFO, verhokäyrägeneraattorit jne. Harjoitukset tehdään ohjatusti Roland System-1 -syntetisaattoreilla pareittain, jolloin jokainen pääsee itse ohjelmoimaan syntetisaattoria esimerkkien avulla. Työpajassa ei opetella soittamaan, eikä osallistuminen vaadi kosketinsoittajan taitoja tai aiempaa tietämystä syntetisaattoreista. Ainoa mitä vaaditaan on kiinnostus äänien rakentamiseen.

Työpaja järjestetään yhteistyössä Rolandin kanssa. Ohjaajana toimii Tampereen konservatorion musiikkiteknologian lehtori Juha Sipilä.