Meet BuskingBot – a robot playing bucket drum

BuskingBot is a robot which can play bucket drum. BuskingBot plays with Youtube video. BuskingBot consists of four servo motors and main controller is Arduino. The android smartphone communicates with the robots by using bluetooth. Those robots are real players!

The maker of BuskingBot Eunchan Park is a Happy Things Maker who likes to make for human happiness. He was an engineer in South Korea and he decided to change his career for human happiness technology developer. Now living in Oulu, after quitting his job in July Eunchan is developing his robots independently. He has plans for crowdfunding in the future. One of his dream is playing a performance with his robots. He wants to share how to make people happy by using technology.

Eunchan wants to use various ICT technology such as Artificial Intelligence. Using the latest technology, he would like to make more happy things. He also would like to learn more program language such as Python.

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See BuskingBot play!