Ying-Ju Lin, aka Ruby is specialized into making Eco-Soap made from used cooking oil, for general household cleaning. In Espoo Mini Maker Faire she will present with JooSoap Studio and making eco liquid soap this time.

Rubu is proud of JooSoap as it is the most comprehensive project she has developed: “Stop dumping used cooking oil that blocks the drain. We aim to spread knowledge about maing ecological cleaning soap from used (kitchen) cooking oil in the international scale. Through sharing this sustainable knowledge and movement, we focus on environmental issues of used cooking oil disposal and detergent use. By sharing and co-making together, everyone can easily join and have fun with this practical knowledge.”

Ruby has been working with woodworking, 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutting to realize some ideas. She would like to gain some skills in coding and utilize sewing machine in order to be more capable to merge different materials and perform better design ideas.

Her dream project will be something good “idea, thought, product, knowledge sharing…etc” that could engage many people to join and make an impact to the world and benefit to our sustainable future.